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Bus station girl


My name is Paul Mei, I was born in 1964 and raised in Athens, Greece. In 1989, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Systems from Brunel University, London, UK. Besides my academic achievements, I have been passionate about photography since my early twenties. However, my interest in photography turned into a deep passion in 2016 when I came across the documentary on Vivian Meier's life and work. Since then, I have been delving into the world of street photography, familiarizing myself with the work of international photographers. During this quest, I have come to appreciate the work of several street photographers worldwide. This curiosity has created a strong urge to visit many countries such as Israel, Turkey, Italy, and India, among others.

Ever since my first trip to Israel in January 2018, I felt an immediate affinity with every country I visited. My travels have been privileged enough to allow me to meet many charismatic photographers with whom I have established an excellent rapport. This association has given me the opportunity to hone and develop my street photography skills.

I consider the photo on the left as my first street photo. Since then, I have taken many more and met numerous street photographers either in person or through Facebook. The inspirations I've received from a few photographers are strong, and I thank them for that. I intend to constantly update my page with new work and hope to attract many street photography enthusiasts. My goal is to share my work, ideas, and most importantly, to meet in person and have a great time together. Please share and enjoy this wonderful trip.


Paul Mei

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